Best electric shaver I’ve ever used – The Philips Norelco 1050CC arcitec Men’s Shaving System

The Philips Norelco 1050CC arcitec shaver is fantastic. This is the first time I’ve ever enjoyed shaving. It is important to read the background information before the rest of this review: I have used Norelco razors over the past 20 years. I can not and does not use a razor blade, as cut and irritate the skin, half-asleep, and I do not use them! I have always used Norelco razors, because it is quite comfortable on my skin. Please note that I shave in the following way I’m not willing to shave dry: over the sink, you warm in the warm water splash on my face and then splash Williams Lectric (preElectric) Shave my face, my face and then splash in the water again and then electric shaver to my head under the water tap for a few seconds, and then shave. That the whole process takes a few seconds, and serves to lubricate your skin. I mention this because if you do not care about shaving, as I have, you might not get the same results in a dry shave. More specifically, I do not know, because dry shaving irritates the skin does not matter what any BS including Norelco Razor Electric Company says it was lousy shaves dry! Norelco says it suppose to shave with a dry razor. I do not, and good results, and that’s all I care. I’ve used this shaver for about 10 months and I had no problems like that. If you shave in the end, something that carries a razor to shave the faster it is dry, a great thing, I only get one, as I do not mind paying for comfort! ANYWAY to get to the review, what we expected: After fully charged, Philips Norelco 1050CC arcitec Razor is the first time, I was initially very skeptical and puzzled, because I do not see any controls to adjust the razor-sensitive or normal skin. The fact is, there is no doubt that all the screws. However, when I was clean-shaven than ecstasy was the fastest and most comfortable shave I’ve ever had. I felt like I was using a brush to go up and down, was that smooth. I do not know the foggiest idea of how and why this is a convenient and fast, smooth. The shave was close enough too not 100% perfect, but as good as I’ve ever gotten with an electric shaver, including my state and my neck. I’m not gonna lie to you though, I have always had problems shaving my chin and I cut, and while I can shave more hair in this area than ever before Norelco arcitec 1050cc and non-irritating, there are still hairs do not know who . I do not know if there is an electric shaver to shave off all her hair in this area does not irritate your skin! So now I say, if you want the fastest and most comfortable shave ever decent results, get this razor or shaver Norelco arcitec the series. It seems, from what I can gather, all the razors in the series are essentially the same in the different nature of the non-shaving (ie, the color scheme, with extra LEDs, razor cleaning, etc.). This shaver comes with an automatic cleaning system, which is incredibly lightweight, works great, and daily use. Norelco only to the specific solution, which takes 2-3 weeks to rest and simple Razor Jet cleaner, press the button, and clean razor every day. It’s almost a pleasure to watch. I salute you, Norelco.

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