Location: The Secret of Shaving Strokes

My friend and I are having coffee the other day and he was whining that the game dry. I really think he has reached the plateau, where there is no more a stroke also experience a round of golf. He was depressed, to put it mildly, but he was wrong. Sam Snead is my buddy (and I do not), but he is a good player. He drives generally acceptable for both distance and on the track, which means that it does not hook or slice more than the others. The mid-game is good, you know how to choose and use the long irons, a close game is very good, and you can get out of a bunker when you find one. All in all, a good solid game. Until it receives the green. What I suggested to him is something I think we all can learn from. If four or five-putt green in most of the course, you add a lot of strokes to complete the score. My opinion is that my friend was that instead of trying to improve another part of the game, if just one less putt stroke (those four-and five-hole putt), he’d shave off a significant amount of stroke in the game. If you can not be placed in a blow out all the holes, he would save 18 strokes! Now, if you have a good putter, it probably will not work for you. But if you normally get the green in regulation and then, more than twice the putt to get into the cup, well, maybe you could shave some strokes off the game just to improve the service capabilities. I have gazillion tips on location – some work, and only a fool – but there is nothing to improve the placement of more than practice. My friend never stays green and the practice has shown, when the field. But in his case – and in many other cases, I suspect – is not really any other part of the game, to increase significantly. And, frankly, I do not have to spend time with his drive – He’s got that nailed. We must spend time in service. That’s what killed him score card. If you know – or even suspected – that the location is not bad, get off the driving range and get the training ground. You will be amazed how quickly the market can improve, if only to spend a little time to practice those putts all week. This improvement carries over to the next round of golf, and you will see a stroke simply fading away. Practice these putts?

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